Everybody’s a critic, we know, and that’s the problem. From AOL to CitySearch, from Yelp to Zagat, from reader reviews in theStranger and forums in the Pee-Eye, we’re overrun with underinformed typists. Seattle has maybe two dozen people qualified to speak knowledgeably about restaurants, but where do you find them? Not on Chowhound, where the loudest noise is the grinding of axes. TripAdvisor? Read between the lines for self-promoting comments.

So here’s The Short List. We’re gonna do categories: best steak, best happy hour, best Italian, best late-night, best wine list, and so on. Where to go when it’s not your own money. Where to go in the nabe when it’s raining. Two, three, four places, tops. Subject to change, but not to popular vote. “We,” in case you’re wondering, is the royal we. Le blog, c’est moi.

Send in your ideas and comments. If you don’t agree, send your complaints.



2 responses to “Manifesto

  1. Hmm… best wine overalll wine list? Maybe Canlis?. But how about Cascadia? Or even Wild Ginger with their deep Washington cellar list? I guess it likely depends on what the criteria is for best wine list… Special events?

  2. I would love to add a few comments not as a pr person, but from the perspective of someone who has lived here for 30+ years, worked in taverns, grocery stores and waitressed at fine dining restaurants.
    Right now everyone is thinking where can they go without spending a lot of money, but still feel like they have reason to get out of their pajamas and wash their hair. Someone toss me a good idea for tonight….Capitol Hill, Madison Valley, Madrona or Madison Park area.

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