Don’t Go There

Santo cocktail at The SaintThe Saint Social Club, in a lurid, turquoise blue building on Capitol Hill, claims to offer “Tequila Salvation.” The menu talks a good game, promising handmade tortillas, salsas and soups; fresh juices, syrups and infusions, and a cocktail list of “timeless classics and original creations.” The drink we ordered, an $11 El Santo, was composed of Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau and sour-mix-from-scratch. A saintly cocktail (although surely one of the minor saints), prepared by a barkeep named Gloria, who didn’t know whether or when The Saint offered a happy hour. They do, until 6, but not on the drinks.

Buffalo Deli, a storefront on First Avenue in Belltown, offers an array of lunchtime, takeout sandwiches for $7.50, including a BLT with thick-cut peppered bacon and Bibb lettuce. What’s with this sudden mania for peppered bacon in Seattle? Deli sandwiches are supposed to have thin-sliced meat, no? So you don’t have to chomp through the whole mess at once and dribble mayonnaise down your shirt. Regular bacon, crispy-crisp, please! And if you’re going to put your website address,, in neon on the front window, folks, you should seriously consider actually having a website with that address.

Wann Izakaya, also in Belltown, has a whole Happy Hour menu, too many to try all at once. So had a plain sake, perfectly okay, and a couple of snacks. The kurabota pork sausages (Japanese black hog) just tasted like old breakfast links; the “fried angel hair” was worse: deep-fried cappellini, sprinkled with kosher salt. Imagine eating an old broom, and eat those crispy stalks you probably will, but you’ll hate yourself for every bite.


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